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Are You Wasting Water? If you water your lawn with a hose the answer is yes. We install fully programmable efficient yard sprinkler system that will water your entire lawn with minimal water usage. Have a big lawn ??? Pay a big water bill $$. Install a SUB WATER METER. 2/3 of your water bill is for sewage treatment but without a sub meter your charged for sewage treatment for all the water used in your yard…. WHY? Because the city can only regulate the incoming water and charges you for 100% of that for sewage treatment. With a sub meter it calculates your house and yard separate now you only pay for sewage treatment for your house saving you $$. This would result in cutting that portion of your bill by approximately 40% from what it would be, if you did not have a SUB WATER METER.

We can provide you the professional sprinkler system installation. It is worth hiring us as you will reap the benefits of a having a professional job done. You don’t want to have problems with your sprinkler system a few months later.

A professional sprinkler system installer has the expertise and experience to take your project from the start to its completion. We have all the necessary tools to produce a perfect job. He can also give you advice and ideas for the upkeep of sprinkler system at the lowest cost.

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